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Ciao! Welcome to Italy.

Italy is a beautiful place , rich of art, history, culture and yummy food! There's so much to see, visit, experience and enjoy. Some things are slightly different to what you might be used to in America. Therefore, we want to use this page to include what we believe to be some useful information. 

Go ahead and google: Morciano di Romagna. That's it, that's where we live. Now google Ca'Mazzasette, that's where Anna grew up and where most of her family lives. It's a small town in the middle of nature and peace. There's a very tiny church that was built in the 900s and later restored in the 1990s by Anna's dad and uncle. So it is very special for us to get married in this specific church. 

There's not really a lot of services such as hotels or public transportation services in this town, since as we described, it is in the middle of nature. So we suggest you to stay in Cattolica. It is a beach town, designed for tourists that want to enjoy the Italian life style during summer. There are hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars, ice cream places (real ice cream), events, stores and of course there's the beach... all of it walking distance. Other possible locations to consider are Urbino, San Giovanni, Misano, Riccione, Gabicce Mare, and Pesaro. 

Transportation on W-Day 

On the wedding day there will be some driving to do. For this reason, we will be organizing a Bus that will pick you up at a specific time and adress in Cattolica. The bus will then bring you to the church were the wedding ceremony will be taking place. Once it's done, it will then bring you to Villa Federici, where we'll have drinks, dinner and party. At the end of the evening the bus will bring you back to the pickup location. Of course you are free to do as you desire, you can also rent a car and do the driving. But if you desire to use the bus, please let us know, this way we can make sure to rent a bus that is big enough to accommodate those interested.

Airport / Train Station 

The nearest international airport to were we live is in Bologna. Probably you won't find the best flight deal if you pick this as your destination. Not a problem, Italy has a great train system and there is a small train station in Cattolica, but not all trains stop there.. There is also a train stations in Rimini and Pesaro. At Rimini or Pesaro you'll be able to either rent a car or get a taxi. You can find train tickets in or 

So, were to fly to? Is up to you and what would you like to see or visit. Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples all have international airports and are amazing places to go visit. 

What we propose is perhaps arriving in Rome. This is a place where you want to spend a day or two... arrive to Cattolica by train, taxi or car rental... and for your return to the states maybe leaving the country from another airport such as Venice. That way you get the opportunity to visit two unique and amazing places. The opportunity are endless since there's literally sooooo much to see in Italy: Museums, Roman Empire, Dolomites, Crystal Clear Beaches and lakes, Active Volcanos and much more!


Uber doesn't really exist over here. It might only be available in big cities like Rome or Milan. There are taxis ready and available in every airport and train station. In the area where we live and where wedding is taking place there's  not really a lot of taxi nor public transportation. Of course by calling the local taxi you'll find a ride is just not  the most cost nor time efficient option. So if you want to move around and visit nearby places you might want to consider renting a car or a scooter. If you want to drive you should go to your local AAA and ask for an international driving permit. Bring a couple pictures, and with less than $20 you are good to drive almost anywhere in the world. Again, is up to you and what you want to make out of this trip either renting a car or utilizing the taxi are all valid options.

Food and tips!

We all know food is amazing in Italy. Here's a few things to know: 

  • Never order a cappuccino after 12:00pm. Lol, technically speaking you can, they will give you a weird look and know you are an American. 

  • No pepperoni on pizza! Pepperoni are peppers. If you want a classic peperoni pizza you gotta ask for a "Diavola". And they will put what we call peperoni and they call "salame piccante"

  • Bar = Coffee Shop

  • Be aware of eating hours. Most places serve lunch from 12:30-2:30 they will close the kitchen and serve no more food until dinner time which is at 7:30-11:30. Around 6:00pm is the "apperitvo" time. Go to a bar to have some "spritz" and appetizers. In highly touristic areas such as Rome or Venice, you'll be able to find restaurants open at all hours. 

  • If you are interested on going inside a museum, monument or etc. is best to buy entrance tickets (online) a few weeks prior to attendace, otherwise you won't be able to go in.

  • Keep some cash in your pockets. Some places or taxi's might not accept any other form of payment.

  • Look for an Osteria or Trattoria rather than a Restaurant for home made quality food. 

Places of Interest near us:

  • San Marino: It is a country within Italy. Nice Castle. Views. Fancy Outlet (35min drive from Cattolica) 

  • Urbino: One if not the most important city of Renaissance. Ducal Palace. (45min drive from Cattolica)

  • Portonovo Beach in Ancona: turquoise waters with no sand but rather white pebbles. (1hr drive from Cattolica)

  • Venice: arrive in train explore the city by foot or "gondola" (2h 45 min driving / 3hr train from Cattolica)

  • Florence: museums, "the David", "PonteVecchio" = Old Bridge, famous for Steaks! (2hr 37min driving / 2h 15min train from Cattolica).

  • Milan: Duomo. Fashion. (2h 35min by train from Cattolica) 

  • Rome: Roman Empire. Vatican City. (3h 45min by train from Cattolica)

  • Riviera Golf Resort: Play Golf, Enjoy Spa, or Pool. (10min drive from Cattolica)

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